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About Us:-

The Yogicgyan Wellness Center strives to provide an environment where people can experience the phenomenon that is Yoga. At Yogicgyan , prospective Yogis and Yoginis have the chance to regularly practice and learn yoga under the guidance of a certified Yoga expert. Aspirants are exposed to a personalised version of yoga that is especially tailored to suit their individual needs.

In this time we live in, life is full of stress and pressures of being the best in whatever we are doing. Bigger salary packs, bigger designations, bigger offices and looking this race for achieving bigger bucks and smaller waists is pressurizing us to no end. We are like the mice caught in the rat race and waiting to break free. Here is your chance of breaking free from the undue pressures that the so-called ‘society’ has built for us. Yogicgyan wellness is A world where your wellness come first!

It is not a business- its more of a cooperative of sorts- with folks looking to share their knowledge with others, and continue the learning and cycle of yoga.Yogicgyan wellness was started as way to promote traditional Yoga – its practice and its teaching, throughout the community, corporate, club houses, hotels & gyms as a freelancer.

At Yogicgyan, we offer a variety of classes in an open, supportive, and welcoming environment. We have qualified and experienced instructors so you can try a mixture of different styles of yoga whatever your age, gender, flexibility or fitness level. Our classes are specifically designed to build a healthy balance of flexibility, strength, agility, and grace. You will strengthen, heal, and detoxify your body whilst calming and focusing your mind.