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1.I have read about different forms of Yoga. Which one is the best for my health?If you are a beginner, you need not worry. The only goal is to remain in the best of health. Your yoga teacher will be the best for guidance. Place a request and you can hire the top level yoga tutor.
2.Is Yoga safe?
Yes, it is. Yet, you can reap the maximum benefits if you get proper training from certified instructors. Bro4u can help realise your fitness goals.
3.Should my body be flexible to try yoga?
Yoga does not rely only on asanas which need a great deal of flexibility. It has various postures for everyone. The certified yoga tutor in Bangalore can suggest the best asanas to develop the flexibility.
4.Can I do yoga during pregnancy?
Yes. However, you have to consult a doctor. There are special asanas and position for women.
5.Are there special asanas which can assist in lowering my blood pressure?
Yes.By Consistent practice. There are some asanas and meditation exercises that may help lower the blood pressure.
6.Is there a certain age limit to start yoga?
No. Yoga can be learnt from the age of 7 years. As we told you, yoga is a way of life.
7.Do I need to follow any diet?
Your selected yoga instructor can decide on the best diet. In normal conditions, your tummy should be empty 3 hours before yoga practice.
8.Can you tell me the normal benefits of doing yoga?

-Enchanced flexibility.

-Increase in strength.

-Sound sleep.

-Escape from stress.


-Calm mind.

-Increase in immunity.

-And many more.

9.First explain to me, what is meditation?
It is best defined as – mind that always stays in the present moment. If you practice meditation consistently, then the mind will remain free of agitation, anticipation and hesitation. You will always remain relaxed.
10.Some benefits of meditation?
If you have blood pressure and health problems, the negatives effects will get reduced. Regular practice allows your mind to become clear, intuition develops along with memory power. Additional benefits are many like mental peace and many more.