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Ganesha Mudra-

This mudra is named for Ganesha — a Hindu god. He is supposed to help remove (and create) any obstacles that may arise in your path. What It Does: This mudra is named for Ganesha since performing this Mudra is said to help lift your spirits and help you persevere when you are feeling down.

How to Perform the Mudra:-

Begin by placing both hands in front of your chest with your elbows bent. Put your left hand with your palm facing outwards in such a way that your thumb points move toward your solar plexus and your little finger points toward your collar bone.

From there, form a claw by bending the four fingers on your left hand and clasp them with your four fingers of your right hand. Your right hand should face your chest. Inhale. On your exhale, try to pull your arms apart while keeping your eight fingers locked. Change the interlock on your fingers.


Besides lifting your spirits and helping you gain confidence, the benefits of this mudra extends to the cardiac muscles, the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and arms. It also helps release any pent up tensions from the shoulders and chest.Length of Practice:Practice this mudra six times in a row or six times per day for the best results.