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Ancient Egyptian Reiki-

Reiki is used to heal people with its energy vibrations all over the world. It is prevalent in different forms and Ancient Egyptian Reiki is one of them. Ancient Reiki Healing of Egypt is indeed a distinctive form of Reiki that is still very much available for the patients. It employs a range of special techniques, which are quite different from traditional Reiki but have been proved very effective for the people. In Egypt, the practitioners are practicing techniques of Reiki since the period of Pharos.

Traditional Reiki derives energy from a higher power, while Ancient Egyptian Reiki controls this energy, turning it into strong vibrations which become effective healing energy. The major difference between Ancient Egyptian Reiki and Traditional Reiki lies in the fact that the former controls the powers of the earth. Since Egyptians have always worshipped and respected the Earth for what it has given to the mankind, the concept of energy from it seems to be quite rational.

Egyptian Reiki exercises the powers of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit to heal, open chakras and spiritually balance the patients. It can also integrate angelic energies and the use of crystals. Moreover, patients also get to learn healing techniques like rhythmic and healing breathing, sound vibration healing, etc in this form of Reiki. In the presence of its various aspects, Ancient Egyptian Reiki is certainly the most effective and powerful forms of Reiki ever developed.

Another great feature of Egyptian Reiki is ‘negative energy drain’, and this technique has the power to purge negative energies from the recipient during a Reiki healing session. It is extremely beneficial for the people who are emotionally distressed or tensed. People rely on this technique to gradually overcome their emotional sufferings. If performed regularly, Ancient Egyptian Reiki is the most effective therapy for spiritual healing.