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Fire Serpent Reiki-

Reiki suggests healing, whichever the form it may be. Every healing treatment of Reiki is marked by spiritual symbols, regardless of what form of Reiki is used. Symbols help a Reiki practitioner to harness the energy from the power source and channelize it into the recipient. Each form of Reiki utilizes symbols, and one of the prevalent symbols is Fire Serpent. Reiki masters and practitioners use the Fire Serpent symbol for different reasons, including healing treatments and spiritual attunements.

Fire Serpent symbol is used for many reasons and one of the most frequent reasons is to open the chakras of the recipient. However, the other symbols of Reiki have the power to open certain chakras; it is only Fire Serpent symbol that has the ability to open all chakras in one session. It is essentially a powerful symbol and while using it, care should be taken by the master. Though Reiki treatment can never be harmful, it must be assured by the master that the recipient is set to have his chakras opened all in a single session.

In case the master discovers that the recipient is not prepared for this, or the higher power guides him not to use Fire Serpent symbol, then he can utilize other symbols of Reiki to clear one or two chakras of the recipient at a time. This powerful symbol can be used in two different ways and each of them is effective in clearing the chakras of the recipient. As per the wish of Reiki master, he can use this symbol to ‘ground’ energy or to clear the chakras of the path where the energy is released at the last chakra of the body.

Other way to use Fire Serpent symbol in Reiki is to clear the chakras towards the head of the recipient. In this way, the energy would be released while chakras get completely cleared at the crown. It entirely depends upon the higher power and the Reiki master regarding how to use the Fire Serpent Reiki symbol during a healing session. As and when the chakras get cleared, this symbol aligns and balances all chakras, while the recipient experiences a feeling of being cleansed at the spiritual level.During Reiki Attunement, Fire Serpent Reiki symbol is used to ensure that the recipient is attuned properly to the source of healing energy. However sometimes, this energy is called ‘the fire’ and it is actually a gentle therapeutic energy that encircles the recipient with energy and love. Fire Serpent symbol is really powerful, if used in Reiki attunement, because it opens the main source of energy and makes it accessible to the Reiki master, who can use it further to heal living creatures.