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Rainbow Reiki-

Grouping of old and new methods, Rainbow Reiki is a verified system of compound energy work. Usui Reiki system has been developed by using innovative techniques of energy work and gradually it resulted into Rainbow Reiki. This system of Reiki healing offers possibilities of functioning directly with subtle beings, as teachers. Rainbow Reiki is definitely valuable for a practitioner. It is a continuous learning process by means of experimentation and practice, with the intention of evolving our life.

Rainbow Reiki is said to have been established by Walter Lubeck, somewhere around the late 1980s and early 90s. What Hawayo Takata transmitted about the traditional Reiki, made the base for Rainbow Reiki – integrated with time-honored Japanese methods.From the Usui system of Natural Reiki, many a things such as the conventional initiation rituals, four symbols, mantras and basic techniques of Reiki energy work, make the foundation of Rainbow Reiki. Over the years, new techniques like Karma clearing, systematic chakra work and assistance with the Inner Child, the Higher Self and the angels have emerged.

Wherever the traditional Reiki was not effective, new techniques got evolved to suit the situation. Diet and spiritual body therapies are integral part of Rainbow Reiki. Its multidimensional approach works to balance all spheres of life. Like any other Usui Reiki based system, it follows the same fundamental principles, teachings and attunements. Besides these basic features, Rainbow Reiki takes in a range of additional resources like aura and chakra work, the layouts of environmental or crystal mandalas, how to work with subtle beings etc. Meditation, an important teaching of Mikao Usui’s school, has always been significant in Rainbow Reiki too.Here its techniques are intended to raise our consciousness level, association with the symbols and healing energy.