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Soundarya is an Ayurvedic skin care:-

Soundarya is a classical combination of a full body Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage that is followed by application of Ayurvedic mask containing paste of skin-nourishing fruit supplements.

Benefits of Soundarya?

This Ayurvedic therapy for skin softens and reduces scars and provides good complexion to the skin. The mask detoxifies and nourishes the skin leaving it smooth and silky.

How it works:-

The nutrients from the herbs and the fruit extracts nourish the skin, open up blocked pores and help exfoliation.Not recommended (contraindicated) in case of Psoriasis or skin infection.Ayurvedic beauty therapies with ancient time tested herbs help to enhance your beauty and rejuvenate the skin and hair naturally.Beauty contributes to one’s personality and has always remained a valuable asset. So every one of us is extra conscious about beauty and is in search of better remedies to look more beautiful. Due to pollution and a faulty lifestyle, number of skin and hair problems are increasing day by day.

Unlike chemical cosmetics tested on animals which cripples, poisons and abuses animals ultimately leading to their suffering and death, our Ayurvedic beauty therapies make use of ancient, time tested products which are natural and plant based. Our Ayurvedic beauty therapies for skin and hair care rejuvenate the skin and hair, improves lustre, tone and complexion of the skin, delays skin ageing, promotes growth of silky and shiny hair, improves hair texture and density.